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Pau fue la que logró que el yoga pasara a ser una prioridad y parte de mi estilo de vida, sus clases son apasionantes siempre adaptándose a cada persona. Como health coach me enseñó mucho y me inspiró ver en la forma que cría a sus hijos desde la armonía que mantiene en su casa hasta su alimentación. Realmente es una amiga y profesional de la cual no dejo aprender cada día y le estoy eternamente agradecida. ¡Gracias gracias gracias!
— Rocio
Pau fue la única profesional del yoga que me tuvo paciencia, ya que muchas veces me sentí frustrado en otras clases porque no sabía como hacer. Ella tiene didáctica y es muy cariñosa.
Como persona es maravillosa y me contagió con su forma de alimentarse. Todo lo que hace lo hace con amor y eso vale muchísimo.
Siempre estaré agradecido, de ser su alumnos, de haber trabajado juntos y compartir conocimiento.
— Carlos
My wife and I went to the morning meditation session with Paula. Stress of work washed away. Incredibly relaxing. Very much recommended for anyone who needs to “de-stress” and reconnect.
— Nick
Paula’s meditation was fantastic.
Very relaxing and wonderful to begin the day.
— Miranda
Paula has been a part of our yoga family for some time now and her impact on our participants who just happen to be blind or visually impaired goes beyond words. It is not just her expertise as a yoga instructor, but her personal interest and caring for the participants is what makes her special to all involved. They realize and acknowledge the valuable role that yoga plays in their daily lives physically and mentally. It gives the strength to deal with life’s adversities in a calm and reasonable fashion. It physically allows them to feel more mobile and with less physical discomforts.

— Administrative Coordinator Special Populations Section Parks and Recreation Division
What really stands out about Paula’s yoga style is that it is done at a perfect pace with great intention. As an ex-ballet dancer, form is very important to me. I find most classes to be too fast and sometimes too busy. Paula’s dance background combined with her 10 years of teaching yoga gives her a real understanding of the body’s connection between movement and breathe. Her moves are slower, more simple yet immensely effective. She really focuses on strengthening your core, proper placement and mind positivity to reach your yoga goals. Every time I take Paula’s class I feel like I got a really good workout, which is exactly how I want to feel ! What makes it even better is Paula’s warm and friendly personality, it always makes you want to return and take another class with her. I’m living proof, I’ve been returning for 6 years now. Namaste!

— Jenaveeve L.
Paula’s class for meditation in the morning is really GREAT!!
— Maryann
The meditation class was the best and I will continue to do meditation because of that. Paula was awesome.
— Mohammed
The Meditation class was excellent. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. She really brought her expertise to the class and made us all feel comfortable. The instructor was Paula.
— Lisa